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Hey Flock, our community is growing and so is our amazing group of ambassadors. Today we wanted to highlight one of our newer ambassadors Mason Prendergast. Mason is a 21-year-old freelance content creator from Issaquah, Washington. Mason currently attends Central Washington University through online courses so he can travel the world while getting his degree. We’re jealous too…..

Brands Mason Works With

Apart from Roofnest, Mason has an impressive client list. Especially for only being 21years old with 3 years of experience behind the lens. Mason has worked with brands such as Columbia, REI, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Blundstone Boots, Cerveza Patagonia, and more. He is a versatile ambassador who has an incredible eye for cinematic videos as well as photos. We’ve been posting some of Masons images on our website and Instagram but check out his website to see a full portfolio of his work.

When Did You Start Shooting and Why?

We asked Mason why he started shooting and this is what he had to say. “Living in the PNW my friends and I would go on 3-4 day long backpacking trips to some of the most beautiful places in the country. When I would come home my parents would ask me how it was. It was so hard for me to explain to my parents what we saw and eventually I got tired of coming home empty-handed. The next backpacking trip I grabbed my dad’s DSLR and that’s when it all started. I noticed how big the creative community was in the PNW and started reaching out to shoot with people and it grew from there. I’ve been lucky to make such good friends along the way and I’m forever thankful for that.

With over 120k followers on Instagram, Masons images are seen across the world from commercial campaigns to passion projects with his friends. One thing Mason said he lives by is “Experience without expectations”. He explained it to me by not creating delusional expectations because you set yourself up for disappointment. When you go into an experience with a completely open mindset, you let yourself truly experience fulfillment.


So guys, go give Mason a follow and let him know we sent you! If you are interested in becoming a Roofnest ambassador, shoot us a message on Instagram and we can go from there. We’re so thankful for this epic community we’re building and we’re happy Mason is a part of it. 

Cheers Flock!

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