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With a Roofnest, you can leave straight from the office on a Friday afternoon and set up camp in under 1 minute once you park at your campsite. But we know that a 4-5 hour trek to an epic campsite can take away from the sense of peace and tranquility you’re chasing. 

That’s why we’ve put together a series of campsites that are within 2 hours of major cities around the country. Cut back on traffic and drive time while still taking in incredible views and getting your hiking boots (or bike tires) dirty.

Below are our 5 favorite campsites within 2 hours of Salt Lake City, Utah.

1) Spruces Campground, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Distance From Salt Lake City: Approximately 35 minutes

For a quick weekend getaway close to home, Spruces campground is the perfect spot for the whole family. This campsite is in a beautiful big cottonwood canyon that has endless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and fishing.

You can hike to beautiful alpine lakes, catch trout in gorgeous rivers, or speed down the mountain on your favorite trail.

And when you come back to camp you’ll have everything you need. From drinkable water, flushable toilets, fire rings, electric hookups, and everything in between, you’re set at Spruces Campground.

It’s $26 a night, but with all the amenities you get, we think it’s well worth it for a quick getaway.

2) Stansbury Island Campground, Tooele County Utah

Distance from Salt Lake City: Approximately 1 hour

Stansbury Island Campground is accessible from the mainland by car on a single dirt road. Don’t worry, you can bring your Roofnest.

This little island is the perfect spot for hikers, you can make it all the way around the island on hiking trails in one day. There are tons of activities for everyone here you can hike, bike, swim, and hunt on this BLM camping land. One of the best parts of this campground is that it is completely free of charge. 

3) Timpooneke Campground, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Distance From Salt Lake City: Approximately 1 hour

Timpooneke Campground is just about an hour away from Salt Lake, but has so much to offer. Set along the alpine scenic bypass loop in the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest, you’re in for a treat.

Many people camp here for the amazing 15-mile round trip hike on the Timpooneke trail that leads to the summit of Mount Timpanogos. Horses are allowed on the Timpooneke trail and 9 sites in this campground actually have small horse corrals!

Besides horses, you will see an unbelievable view of the Wasatch range. For $24 a night and only an hour away from Salt Lake, this campsite is hard to beat.

4) Box Elder Campground, Mantua, Utah

Distance From Salt Lake City: Approximately 1 hour

Box Elder Campground is also located in the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest and open from May – October for overnight camping. Being only an hour away from Salt Lake gives you the comfort of being close to home, while still feeling like you’re out on an epic adventure.

Located right by Mantua Reservoir in a beautiful mountain valley, there’s plenty of activities for everyone. From hiking, fishing, and boating, you’ll be entertained all weekend long.

There are endless wildflowers during the right months, so plan ahead if you want to catch the poppys in season.  This campground is $22 a night, but allows up to 8 people at each site.

5) Little Grand Canyon Campground, Green River, Utah

Distance From Salt Lake City: Approximately 3 hours

Ok, we know we said within two hours, but this campsite is too good to leave off the list. It’s definitely worth the extra hour if you can spare it. Little Grand Canyon Campground is just as you’d expect. There are only 10 campsites to shack up at for the night but they are all free. We recommend going to the Wedge Overlook where you can camp right at the edge of towering cliffs with endless views. There are countless mountain biking trails here and if you’re a photographer, you’ll be in heaven. If you’re an overlander, there are tons of off road trails around the campsite to test out your new lift and how it works with your Roofnest…

With the convenience and comfort of your Roofnest and these amazing campsites within 2 hours of Salt Lake, next summer will be full of adventure. But one part of camping that isn’t always the most comfortable is figuring out how to take care of business, especially if you’re out in the bush. 

These are things we’ve taken a lot of time to think about, so you don’t have to. Check out your options for going to the bathroom (and staying clean and comfortable) on your next camp trip >

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