VIDEO: TFLOffRoad Tours the Roofnest Condor and Sparrow

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When it comes to figuring out what hard shell roof top tent is best for you, nothing beats a 3D walkthrough to get up close and personal and breathe in that new tent smell.

Now imagine a tour with the founder of the company, who can tell you everything you need to know: the benefits and features, design back story, and ultimately which tent is best suited for your style of adventure.

While we can’t transport our very own Roofnest founder Tim Nickles to your living room with a Roofnest to pop open (we might break a lamp or two), we do have the next best thing: A walkthrough video with TFLOffroad, led by Tim.

TFLOffroad is a guru for all things overlanding, offering outdoor enthusiasts fair comparisons of some of the most popular off-roading vehicles and accessories on the market.

We were stoked to walkthrough two of our tent models, the Condor and the Sparrow, with TFLOffroad. In this in-depth video, Tim gives you the tour you’ve been craving of our two newest tent models, starting with their super simple setup to testing out their comfy foam mattresses and checking out their spacious windows, then wrapping things up with their quick and easy pack up.

Tim offers the full experience of what it’ll feel like when your Roofnest tent is mounted on your trusty steed, and you’re ready to peel off toward the mountains for another amazing outdoor adventure.

Watch the full video below, and decide for yourself which Roofnest tent gets your blood pumping.

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