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Every day, there are new rules and regulations for keeping our communities safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. Now that it’s spring, we’ve had to rethink how we do our favorite thing — getting outside and going camping.

First things first: We encourage you to adhere to the social distancing policies that are in place on a national and local level, wherever you live. Keeping yourself and others safe is paramount while we weather the storm.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a state that still allows camping, it’s important to understand how or if you can camp responsibly during a time of social distancing. Below we share information and resources to help you know where you can camp, how to do it responsibly, and what resources you need to camp safely.

How To Camp Safely During Coronavirus

If you’re in a state that has no camping restrictions and you choose to go camping (while maintaining safe social distancing), do everything you can to camp safely and cautiously. Keep in mind not only your own safety, but the safety of everyone else you might encounter along the way.

Below are helpful tips and resources that can help you camp safely during coronavirus:

Do Your Homework

Check for any restrictions on camping or travel for your state, as well as any restrictions on national forest land/campground you intend to visit. Below are a few resources to help you figure out these restrictions:

Keep in mind the situation changes daily, so please check with all applicable resources as close to your planned departure as possible. We’d love for you to comment with any other resources that you think are valuable, too!

Prep Your Resources

Fill your gas tank, grocery shop, and get all the resources you’ll need from your hometown before you hit the trail.

Many small mountain or rural towns don’t have the medical infrastructure to support an outbreak for their residents. If you’re a carrier (or an unknown carrier) of coronavirus, you can spread it to service workers in these towns. And the majority of carriers show no symptoms at all, so it’s not worth the risk.

If you do need to interact with others to get gas, food, or use a bathroom along the way, be sure to wash/sanitize your hands before and after interacting with anyone, wear gloves, and practice social distancing wherever you go.

Stay Put

Once you find a campsite, stay put so you don’t spread your germs. And as always, leave no trace.

Consider Backyard Camping

Finally, don’t forget that good old backyard/driveway camping isn’t so bad…especially now!

While it certainly isn’t the same as the great outdoors, it gets you outside, and you have an excuse to sleep in your Roofnest.

Make some S’mores, crack a cold one, sit by a fire pit if you’ve got one, and remember that a big part of the magic of camping is the opportunity to spend quality time with those we love most. Sappy, we know, but we’ve been accused of worse.

The Importance of Spending Time Outside

How to stay safe while camping during coronavirus

Spending time outside is good for us on so many levels. A recent article from Business Insider states that “spending time in forests, hiking in mountains, and just being outside can lead to significant health benefits.” Stress relief, short term memory improvements, reduced inflammation, lower blood pressure, and more are all ways spending outside can help your physical and mental health.

Whether you plan on camping or not, try to prioritize stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air throughout the quarantine. That can mean enjoying coffee in your backyard, reading on your balcony, or listening to a podcast while you stroll around the block.

But don’t forget, maintain your distance, and don’t do anything that could jeopardize your health or the health of others. Your body and mind will thank you.

And while you may be spending more time at home, you’re not alone. Join the Roofnest Flock so you can join a like-minded group to share in the conversation about safe camping, swap tales from the trail, DIY hacks, and more! Stay safe out there, friends.

By the way, while you’ve got some extra downtime on your hands, it’s not a bad idea to give all that outdoor gear that’s been cluttering up your garage some attention. Here’s our best advice for organizing your outdoor gear >

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