Reviews that Prove Roofnest is the Best Gift to Give this Christmas

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We made it! 2020 is coming to an end. If there’s one thing we could all use after this whirlwind year, it’s a little extra love from our friends and family.

Christmas 2020 is the perfect excuse to give our loved ones something extra special. We’ve had to get creative to stay connected, and some people came up with some pretty cool ideas.

Why not keep the creative juices flowing, and get a loved one a gift that exceeds all expectations? A gift that lets them know whatever 2021 brings, they can always escape into nature to find some respite – even if just for a night.

A Roofnest hard shell roof top tent is the perfect gift when you’re looking to go above and beyond. The best part is, they’re not just for the Bear Grylls type. A Roofnest is the best roof top tent not only because it’s sturdy, spacious, and durable, but because it’s super easy to use for any type of camper and every type of car.

Roofnests are perfect for your cousin and her dog who have been holed up in the city since COVID started, or your uncle who’s looking to upgrade his next hunting or fishing trip. They’re made for rugged outdoor lovers and casual family campers alike.

At the end of the day, a hard shell roof top tent might be your safest bet when it comes to giving a one-of-a-kind gift that’s sure to please anyone on your list.

But enough from us — take it from all the outdoor adventurers themselves!

Here are just a few Roofnest reviews that prove the comfort and convenience of a hard shell roof top tent make a Roofnest your must-have camping upgrade in 2021.

Roofnests are Perfect for the Casual Camper

If you’ve got a casual camper on your Christmas list, they’re likely seeking a weekend of outdoor adventuring with a side of comfort that make vacations so much fun. They’re looking for that feeling of being off the grid and unplugged, but without sacrificing too many creature comforts — including a cozy bed to fall into after a long hike.

Roofnest hard shell roof top tents are the perfect combination of nature exploration and Pinterest-worthy glamping. They’re crazy easy to use (just pop open the latches and you’re done), along with a cozy and spacious interior. So a great night’s sleep under the stars can happen as often as you want.

Just ask Mike Richard, writer for the online outdoor guide The Manual. Richard gave our Sparrow XL hard shell rooftop tent a shot, one of our most updated tent models with special upgrades like 8 extra inches of width, and 4 extra inches of headroom.

The total size of the Sparrow XL is 6×10 feet in length by 4×6 feet in width, the perfect size for couples and their furry friends, or a solo camper looking for plenty of space to stretch out and relax.

The tents are also the perfect size and fit easily on most vehicles. So easily, in fact, that they’re ready to go in under a minute.

According to Richard, “Sleeping in the Sparrow XL is the next best thing to bedding down in a proper RV.” Makes sense, considering our built-in luxury mattress that’s protected by an equally comfortable anti-condensation mat.

Comfort and convenience: the dream combination for any casual camper on your Christmas list this year.


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Roofnests are Perfect for Overlanders

The fun of overlanding lies in exploring little-known remote locations, with the journey being more important than the destination. It requires a sense of adventure, a vehicle that can handle off-roading, and durable camping gear.

This year, Tyler Duffy of Road and Track named the Roofnest Falcon roof top tent the number one most essential piece of gear for an overland adventure.

The Falcon is famous with overlanders for many reasons. Like any Roofnest roof top tent, the focus of the Falcon is to make your packing easier so you can stay focused on the fun parts.

Overlanders love the unbelievably quick setup of the Falcon that just takes a few clicks of the latches. They also buy it for spacious and easy-to-access storage that makes it easy to bring all their overlanding essentials, like that new propane grill or an axe to chop their own firewood.

With a Falcon, you don’t have to worry about leaving any of your toys behind: cargo like kayaks and mountain bikes can attach to the top.

Most importantly, Roofnests like the Falcon are, simply put, well-made. They’re water-resistant and durable, keeping you prepared for any setting.


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Hunters and Fishers Love Roofnest

Earlier this year, featured the Sparrow XL hard shell roof top tent. They noted how hunters get to enjoy the same comfort and versatility that casual campers love about the Sparrow XL, along with special traits and functions that are especially enjoyable for hunters:


Hunting and fishing are lifestyles that many enjoy for life. Luckily, the Sparrow XL has marine-grade struts guaranteed to last as long as the tent does.


Hunting and fishing is hard work that requires a good night’s sleep. In addition to the thick mattress, Roofnest roof top tents have breathable canvas walls that deaden outside noises and keep hunters warm and comfortable in any weather.


Not only will hunters and fishers be safe and warm, but so will their valuable gear! All storage spaces are safe, strong, and waterproof.

With a hard shell roof top tent, hunting and fishing trips just got even better.


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Even Cowgirls Love It!

Even cowgirls prefer a Roofnest Falcon for their journeys! It is, after all, the roof top tent featured in Cowgirl Magazine.

Cowgirls love how the tent keeps them close to their horse, away from the dust and dirt, and cozy as can be. And it doesn’t hurt that Roofnests attach easily and reliably to any vehicle that can tow horse trailers.

Bring on the bumpy trails!

Roofnest is Your Key to A Safe Getaway

You don’t have to be an outdoor hobbyist to rejoice at the idea of getting a Roofnest for Christmas, especially now that between social distancing and wildfires, travel requires extra safety measures and planning.

Forbes Magazine pointed out that there’s no better time to try a Roofnest roof top tent than now, as mobile travel has proven to be safer from germs than crowded airports or heavily-used AirBnBs.

No matter what the circumstances, Roofnest roof top tents are the easiest and most convenient way to pack up and leave for a spur-of-the-moment getaway.

Automobile Magazine pointed out that not only can you leave at the drop of a dime with a Roofnest, but the drive is easy and stress-free.

Finally, Roofnests are light and aerodynamic, so you can barely tell they’re on your vehicle, no matter what terrain you encounter.


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The Perfect Gift Just Got a Little Easier to Give

Help your loved ones be prepared for anything and find joy everywhere by getting them a Roofnest for Christmas. Roofnest tents make for a great gift for any season, but they’re an especially handy way to celebrate the end of 2020.

Social distancing is likely going to continue into next year, and we could all use a fun escape plan. No matter who you’re shopping for, a Roofnest is a gift they’ll never forget.

And while you’re browsing for them, why not pick one out for yourself?

Buy 2 Tents, Get $600 Off

Camping is more fun when everyone has their own Roofnest. That’s why for the first time ever, we’re offering $600 off the purchase of any two tents (or $250 off any one tent) while supplies last.

Get one for yourself. Give one to a friend. Or you can go halfsies and split the bill. Either way, everybody wins.

We’ll even ship to two separate locations when you order two tents. That’s almost as easy as camping in a Roofnest.

Shop Roofnest roof top tents today >

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