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There’s never been a better year than 2020 to get crafty with your Christmas presents.

Whether you’re looking to avoid in-person shopping, searching for a more memorable gift, or attempting to be more eco-friendly with your gifting this season, look no further than an amazing DIY project to get you started.

At Roofnest, we’re all about being sustainable and protecting the environment. With a DIY project that uses equipment you already have (or that you can find at the thrift stores), you can spare the planet from all those CO2 emissions from planes and shipping trucks needed to get those gifts to your loved ones.

You’ll also be doing Mother Nature a favor by reducing the thousands of pounds of waste we produce every year around the holidays. And you’ll save a buck by putting together these remarkable and upcycled gifts for skiers under $50.

If you’re missing the powdery slopes this year or looking to try your hand at something new, now is the perfect time to combine your love of the outdoors with some excellent homemade gift-making.

With all this time on our hands in quarantine, why not try your hand at making the ski or snowboarder in your life a truly epic gift that they will never forget?

This year, skip Amazon and try making one of these unique and sustainable creations instead.

  1. Make an Adirondack Chair or Bench

Whether you’re looking for gifts for dad or someone else who loves hitting the ski lifts every weekend, why not recreate an outdoor experience with a rare piece of furniture?

Bring the ski resort to your living room with a comfortable Adirondack ski-chair! Check the garage for some old skis or take a gander at your local thrift store or Facebook Marketplace. You can even mix and match skis for a colorful chair that will stand out.

There are great how-to guides online for making a sturdy and stylish chair without breaking the bank, like this one at REI.

Now your friends and family can sit back and relax on a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.

  1. Build a Home-made Shot Ski

Looking for a way to repurpose last season’s ski gear?

Gifts for skiers just got awesome this year with a Shot Ski that’s so easy to build, you can make it last minute if you need to.

All you’ll need is an old ski, a drill, and some shot glasses. You could even get away with using some heavy-duty glue or wood adhesive.

Measure your ski and attach your shot glasses equally apart with enough room for you and your friends to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and voilà. Let the party begin!

You can also opt for creating little “nooks” for your shot glasses by drilling holes, like in this tutorial.

Drink responsibly, and take a bow for your crafting mastery! Just be sure to give that glue some time to dry before giving it a go.

  1. Craft a Snowboard Wine Holder

What’s cooler than selecting your favorite wine from one of these bad boys?

You can knock out the perfect gift for your snowboard lover (and wine lover!) with a beautifully crafted wine holder that is just as stylish as it is practical.

This one is pretty simple to assemble as well. Grab some metal hooks and space out as many as you’d like for each wine bottle. Be sure to use a power tool so that your hooks stay in place.

Looking for a funky finish? Try recreating this one with a ski and some holes instead of hooks.

  1. Create a DIY Boot Dryer

Any ski or snowboarder will tell you: having damp boots or mittens the morning before hitting the slopes is the absolute worst.

You can go down in history for making the coolest gift ever, without dropping serious cash on a high-tech device.

With a simple wooden box and some PVC pipe, you can make the best ski or snowboarding gift that will get used every season.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide, and throw a cheap heating vent under the box for optimal air-flow to dry those wet boots and mittens.

Their ski gear is going to be so toasty, you might just have to make one for yourself too.

  1. Spice up a Room with Ski Décor

If you’re the sentimental type, the gift of a framed photograph to your loved one is a must. It’s the perfect way to showcase all the adventures you’ve had together, and the memories you love.

Add some flair to your gift with this DIY photo frame made from old skis. You can grab some old picture frames and attach a set of skis for a display they will never forget.

You can try the same idea with an old snowboard too.

Or, try upgrading any room with a custom snowboard wall lamp like this one that will bring out your loved one’s personality (and provide some reading light).

Simply pick your favorite set of lights from the hardware store and attach them to last season’s gear. They’ll be getting compliments for days.

  1. More DIY Ski & Snowboard Gift Ideas

You can also try your hand at hanging kitchen lights, porch swings, and even bookshelves if you’re really feeling your inner Tim the Tool Man.

Have more skis than you know what to do with? Why not build a whole fence?

If anything, these pieces will certainly be a conversation starter for anybody that sees them.

Why a Roofnest is Perfect for Backcountry Skiers

These gift ideas are great, but if you really want to wow them, get the hardcore skier or snowboarder in your life a Roofnest.

Our tents are great for backcountry skiing, and come equipped with roof racks for all their ski and snowboard gear.

They’re optimal for discovering fresh tracks to explore in places like Keystone and A-Basin where the snow is just starting to get good and fluffy.

With a Roofnest, the fun never has to end. You and your friends can hit the slopes hard and roll right into a blanket or sleeping bag to warm up on a chilly night.

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! Check out why a Roofnest is a must for the backcountry skier in your life >

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