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If there’s one positive thing we can say for 2020, it’s that quarantine pushed more Americans to get in touch with nature than any year before.

Since late March, parties, concerts, and other social gatherings have been a no-go. Getting on a plane is still discouraged, and even state and national parks had closures to keep visitors and staff safe.

All year, Americans have searched for ways to get out of the house and de-stress — without putting themselves and others at risk.

In April, Forbes highlighted Roofnest for the ways our roof top tents took center stage this year as a way for solo adventurists and families to enjoy safe and socially-distanced getaways as COVID restrictions tightened around the country.

Contributor Bill Roberson realized that with all the state and national park closures in Oregon, he wouldn’t be going on his usual spring trip with his pop-up tent trailer.

He decided to go with a more mobile-friendly solution, and took our Sparrow XL roof top tent out for an off-the-grid camp trip.

Roberson provided a thorough rundown of the roomy Sparrow XL’s features and benefits, and noted how a Roofnest can give you a much-needed break from the claustrophobia of home.

You can read Roberson’s full review of the Sparrow XL here >

A few months later, Forbes featured Roofnest again for the role we played in summer vacation travel.

Since the beginning of 2020, Americans have been hitting the open road in droves, avoiding hotels and air travel and turning to rental vehicles, like compact RVs and campervans.

But if you’ve got a Roofnest, your ticket to an instant vacation is already loaded on your vehicle, ready to go wherever, whenever.

Forbes highlighted the new Roofnest Falcon and Falcon XL as a way to safely and comfortably hit the road with your family and/or furry friends.

Roofnest team member Nick Jaynes underlined the fact that a Roofnest is a legacy purchase that can last a decade, giving families and solo campers a way to get outside faster and stay longer for years to come.

Read the full review Forbes highlight of the Roofnest Falcon and Falcon XL here >

Coronavirus restrictions aren’t going away anytime soon. There will still be many months of quarantining and social distancing in 2021.

A Roofnest roof top tent is your key to instant adventure, getting you out of the house and off the grid. Shop our roof top tents today >

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