The Best Hot Springs in Oregon to Relax Your Body and Soul

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When the temperature drops, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as sinking into a steamy pool of mineral water after a long day adventuring.

And with the year we’ve had, you’ve earned a little rest!

Oregon is a perfect location to get back in tune with nature and recharge. Feast your eyes on the state’s abundant forests and waterfalls, or get lost in a winding hiking trail around Mount Hood or Crater Lake.

If you’re taking your Roofnest for a spin around the PNW, why not take a few pit stops at the best hot springs in Oregon, and take your relaxation to the next level?

There are numerous places to park the car and set up your hard shell roof top tent near some of the state’s hidden hot spring gems.

We recommend taking a day trip to any of these luxurious and secluded hot springs so that you can enjoy all that the wilderness has to offer.

You’ll definitely need to check out these 7 incredible hot springs on your next Oregon road trip. And don’t forget to pack your camera, because you won’t be able to resist snapping a pic at the beautiful surrounding Oregon landscapes!

1. Paulina Lake Hot Springs

If you’re hanging out around Bend, you’ll need to add this place to your bucket list before you leave this iconic skiing area.

After you wrap up an epic day of skiing at Mt. Bachelor, rest your tired muscles in these natural pools.

Due to the lake’s natural isolation, this is a perfect spot to explore adorable mountain towns and enjoy a quiet moment all to yourself.

There are 5 geothermal pools around the lake, which are best accessed between May and June. They can range between 90 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the pools are pretty small, so you can have one all to yourself.

You can get a quality hike up to the hot springs since the trail is about 7.5 miles. You can also camp out at the Little Crater campgrounds on the south side of the lake for $18 per RV or car with a rooftop tent.

A fun bit of history: You’ll be sleeping on a collapsed volcano! But you can rest easy: this volcano hasn’t seen any action in about 75,000 years.

2. McCredie Hot Springs

Find yourself in Willamette National Forest checking out some towering waterfalls? Don’t leave until you hit up this hidden treasure.

10 miles east of Oakridge, you’ll find several natural hot springs off the beaten path.

These pools aren’t exactly on any popular tourists’ guides, so you won’t have to fight over pool time with other parties. Just be sure to pack in and pack out everything you need for your stay, as there aren’t trash or campgrounds around.

When you finish your soak, head north up highway 58 for camping sites like Oakridge RV Park and Willamette Mission State Park. You’ll sleep easy in your insulated Roofnest after a long soak amongst the unkempt forest.

3. Crystal Crane Hot Springs

While you make your way through Southeast Oregon, consider adding this unique hot spring to your list.

This spot offers an abundance of accommodations, from bunkhouses to private Teepees. But if you’re traveling with your Roofnest, you can post up in their camping and RV sites just steps away from the hot springs.

Enjoy a soak out in the open as you watch the sunset or try out a private soaking tub enclosed in rustic cedar. No matter how you choose to indulge, you’ll feel the healing powers of the waters right away.

4. Belknap Hot Springs

On your way out of an Oregon Ducks football game in Eugene, schedule a day trip to this little gem just off the McKenzie River. This site is open 365 days a year, and pairs great with a hiking trip to the North and South Sister mountains just a few miles East.

You’ll have to book online for this site to stay in the lodge, but there are also walk-in pool guests allowed from 9 am-6 pm daily.

The two pools are surrounded by acres of lush gardens, so you can look forward to enjoying the view if you stop in during the daytime hours.

When you’re ready to call it a day, you can head to Limberlost Campground or the hot springs sister property Camp Yale to pop up your Roofnest hard shell tent and stargaze until you fall asleep.

5. Lithia Springs Resort

Nestled in the Rogue Valley, this resort has all the perks of a modern-day spa, without the hubbub of Medford or Ashland.

Guests can marinate in the mineral pools, cozy up to a fireplace, and sip on some tea in the indoor Tea Room. The site also includes secluded nooks, a gazebo, and a gorgeous koi pond.

Catch a complimentary hot breakfast buffet or schedule a deep tissue massage at the Waterstone Spa. With any luck, you’ll leave all your stresses behind and lose yourself to the healing power of this place.

6. Alvord Hot Springs

Steens Mountain Wilderness is hailed as one of the last untouched pieces of land in Oregon. Here you will find over 68 miles of hiking trails, unrivaled fishing spots, and of course, a killer hot spring.

Privately owned, this hot spring has been maintained and modernized since its creation in the 1940s. The two concrete pools look out over the vast wilderness of the valley, giving you relaxation with a view.

You can set up your Roofnest for $40 per night on the on-site campgrounds, or venture into one of their cozy bunkhouses for the evening.

No matter which place you choose to sleep, you’ll be in an excellent position to see stars you can’t see from the cityscape.

7. Summer Lake Hot Springs

It doesn’t get more picturesque than this spot. Just 2 hours from Bend, these Oregon hot springs surround rustic geothermal cabins to keep you warm in between soaks.

Coming in around 118 degrees, your stress will practically melt away as you gaze at the open landscape. If you’re a history buff, you’ll also enjoy checking out the ancient historical site that the springs rest on, with preserved petroglyphs nearby.

The grounds have guest houses and cabins, as well as full campgrounds and places to hook up your Roofnest for the night.

A bonus point: this place is extensively eco-friendly and green, so you can feel good about preserving nature while you enjoy their relaxing accommodations.

8. Jackson Wellsprings

For those looking to find their center, try out a hot spring with a built-in temple.

After you steam in their Olympic-sized pool, dry off and take a walk around their oasis garden and into the terraced Mikvah, a ceremonial pool associated with ancient Jewish traditions.

You can schedule a dip in these holy waters, or simply enjoy the history behind them. You might also enjoy the surrounding Wellsprings Botanical Gardens filled with organically cultivated plants and herbs.

You won’t need a reservation to stay overnight here, just check-in around 3 PM and have some cash on the ready to pay for your spot.

Camp Longer with a Relaxing Day of Hot Springs

There’s certainly no coincidence that Oregon’s hot springs are surrounded by campgrounds. After a long, toasty bath you’ll probably be in dire need of a nap!

Camping gets us out of our daily routine and directly into nature, which can heal and restore us from our hectic city lives. But road-tripping all over the state to find the perfect camp spot can really take it out of you.

If you don’t want to be in a car all day, try getting out of Portland for a few hours. There are dozens of beautiful places to set up camp, like Crescent Lake Campgrounds and Willamette Mission State Park.

If you find yourself in the latter, don’t skip out on McCredie Hot Springs from this list! Try these great camping sites within two hours of Portland >

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