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Allie D’Andrea (a.k.a. Outdoors Allie) isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The hunter and outdoor adventurist frequently enjoys getting off the grid and exploring everything the wilderness has to offer.

When she’s not tracking down her next meal (she enjoys grilling up her own hunted venison), you can find Allie trying out new outdoor gear on her YouTube channel.

Allie recently gave her viewers a walk-through of her new Roofnest Falcon XL. She showed off her favorite features of the tent, and told viewers why it’s the perfect hard shell roof top tent for her backwoods lifestyle.

Allie starts off by pointing out the track system mounted around the bottom and top of the tent. Fully customizable, this is a handy feature for installing ladders, locks, and more camping accessories: “It makes it so you can mount other things to your roof top tent, like this roof rack system.”

Allie moves on to unlocking the latches and popping open her tent. Without breaking a sweat, Allie’s got her tent open and ready to go in under a minute. She doesn’t hide her enthusiasm: “This is so cool! These guys set up way faster.”

For breezy nights, Allie says she prefers to open one of the mesh windows. When the temperature drops, she lets down the more heavy-duty fabric to protect herself from the elements.

If you’re worried about comfort, the Falcon XL has you covered. With a thick mattress and an air-permeable mat underneath to ward off condensation, you’ll stay cozy and dry all night long.

To keep the inside of your tent clean, this model also comes with a nifty pouch to hang your dirty shoes before you crawl inside.

Allie was also a big fan of setting up her Roofnest ladder. Most hard shell roof top tents have a ladder already attached. But the Falcon XL allows you to attach the ladder wherever your heart desires.

Once inside her tent, Allie shows off some of the storage compartments for gear and clothes, as well as her favorite pocket to store her phone and keys.

Hear more about Outdoor Allie’s favorite features of the Falcon XL, and watch her full video review here:

Another key element to this hard shell roof top tent model is its sleek design. Compared to soft shell tents that can be bulky and hard to store, the Falcon XL is only 6.5 inches when closed.

And that track system Allie was so crazy about? Yeah, we are too.

We like to attach all kinds of camping necessities like shovels, headlights, and extended awnings, so all our gear is right at our fingertips.

Headed out for an adventure? Hook your bikes, skis, and more to the top of your Roofnest without ever having to worry about complicated storage.

Check out more Falcon XL features in our full walkthrough >

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