Roofnest: Women’s Health Mag 2021 Fitness Award Winner

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In a recent round-up of the 2021 Fitness Award winners, a familiar hard shell roof top tent popped up under the “epic investment” category.

Our Roofnest Falcon was a top pick for the adventure moms and solo-traveling ladies of the legendary Women’s Health Magazine.

Women’s Health set the bar high with 12 months of testing the world’s best exercise equipment and outdoor gear to pack on your next getaway. This year they also prioritized feel-good products — which is no wonder considering the year we’ve all had.

Nothing quite puts the “Ahhh” in “Adventure” like a Roofnest. Picture yourself lounging in a comfy roof top tent, sipping on a glass of wine while the sun sets over the mountains.


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A Roofnest hard shell roof top tent not only says to your girlfriends “I have my s*** together,” but it’s also an essential investment for your mental and physical health. Being outdoors makes you feel good inside and out, and is the perfect way to fight daily stress and anxiety.

Beyond giving you easy access to an epic weekend with your besties, the Roofnest Falcon is perfect for a family camp trip or a romantic retreat with your special someone.


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Women’s Health Mag gushed: “Pitching a tent atop your car affords you the luxury of hitting any open road and always knowing where you’ll lay your head.”

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