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8 of the Most Relaxing Natural Hot Springs in California

Winter is undoubtedly the best season to take a dip in a steaming hot spring. There’s nothing better than cozying […]

high five on the mountain
How To Recover From A Hike Like A Champ

At Roofnest, we’re obsessed with the outdoors. We’re happy to get our wheels dirty on a mountain bike trail, brave […]

The Best Way to Organize Your Outdoor Gear

Outdoor activities are a heck of a lot of fun, but they also mean having a heck of a lot […]

Why You Should Try Fat Biking This Winter

At Roofnest, we say there’s no bad time of the year for outdoor adventure. Hot or cold, rain or shine, […]

Cut Down on Holiday Waste with a DIY Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Image courtesy of Ah, the holidays…food, gifts, family…and unfortunately, a whole lot of waste. According to Stanford University, Americans […]

Skiing Recovery Tips for Your First Day Back On the Slopes

Here at Roofnest, our passion for epic adventure is what drove us to start making hard shell roof top tents […]

Why Every Backcountry Skier Needs A Roofnest

  As winter is rolling in, we’ve already seen some snow in Colorado and both Keystone and A-Basin have opened. […]

VIDEO: Fall Mountain Biking With Joey Schusler

Crisp air, golden leaves, and snot dripping down our faces…nothing beats mountain biking in the fall. Except for maybe one […]

3 Tips to Trail Ride Like a Local No Matter Where You Are

Hey Roofnest Flock, Tim Nickles here. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Sierra Nevadas, there’s hardly a corner of our […]

2019 summer bike races across colorado, Open Roofnest eagle on toyota with bikes attached
2019 Summer Bike Races Across Colorado

Image courtesy of Kim Heintz Mountain and road bikers from around the world spend much of the year eagerly awaiting […]

Roofnest blog 4 tips to avoid altitude sickness
4 Tips to Avoid Altitude Sickness

If you’ve had it, you know it’s the absolute worst. If you haven’t…just trust us, it is. Altitude sickness can […]

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