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Family camping trips can mean the world to the ones you love. They’re opportunities to reset and relax with your children, and a chance to feel close to your partner out in a beautiful landscape.

But to make sure those camping memories are positive ones, you need your whole family to be comfortable and prepared for the unpredictability of Mother Nature. That’s where we come in.

A Roofnest RTT is a comfortable, roomy bedroom-on-wheels. With its durable, waterproof walls and thick built-in mattress, everyone can get a great nights’ sleep and wake up ready for the next day’s adventures.

All our XL tent models can easily fit 2 adults and 1-2 children (plus Fido, if he’s no Great Dane!). And our Condor XL model fits 4 adults, giving you and your kiddos plenty of room to spread out and snooze.

Discover why Roofnest offers the best hard shell roof top tents for families looking to get outdoors this camping season.

Quick and Easy Setup

Packing for camping as a parent can be tough and time-consuming. They’ve got sleeping bags, hiking boots, snacks, and their favorite toys that they’ll want to bring along for the journey.

With packing all your family’s gear, and trying to safely get to your destination without any tantrums or crises — it can get stressful.

But camping with a hard shell roof top tent means you can pop open your tent in under a minute. This will save time to get your kids set up, and time for you to sit back and relax.

Our Sparrow XL tent allows you to store your pillows and bedding inside the closed tent, which is a godsend for packing your kid’s things in and out.

A Roofnest means no more cumbersome tent setups or takedowns, either! You’ll be able to pack up camp in minutes, allowing your family to sleep somewhere new every night.

With the convenience of being able to set up and pack up quickly, you can spend less time packing, and more time planning fun outdoor activities with your family.

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Stretch Out With More Space

While they don’t take up much space on top of your car, hard shell RTT’s offer plenty of room for your whole family to pile in and spread out for a great night’s sleep.

The Condor XL sleeps up to 4 adults, offering spacious sleeping quarters for you and your kids. The Sparrow XL and Falcon XL sleeps 2-3 people, so if you’ve got one kiddo or a few young children, ones, you’ll all have plenty of room to stretch out.

Shop the Condor and Condor XL >

The roomy interior allows for most adults and children to sit up while inside. That’s great news if your kids need to work on their remote learning assignments during the trip, or if the whole family wants to gather around for cards or a board game.

There’s even enough space for your furry friends to join in the fun!

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Get Better Sleep

Some kids can get fussy on camping trips, especially if it’s their first time camping. And we don’t blame them — it’s no fun sleeping on the cold, bumpy, or wet ground.

Roofnest solves that problem with a cushy 3-inch, high-density foam mattress that puts everyone to sleep after a long day of hiking, skiing, boating, or just plain relaxing.

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On hot summer nights, your family can stay cool by opening a window and letting a breeze roll in. And for winter camping, you’ll stay warm and dry with durable, waterproof panels to protect you from the elements.

That means if inclement weather rolls in, a Roofnest RTT can keep your camp trip from going south and keep your kids from any meltdowns.

For a family with young children, this might just be the best camping feature ever.

Bring Everything You Need for The Week

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The best camping gear always comes with ways to customize for your lifestyle.

For families, you might want to bring along extra gear. For active kids, you may want to bring mountain bikes so they can join you for a biking adventure. For places with a lake, you’d be wise to take the kayak too. That means you’ll need more storage capability.

With our Falcon models, you can add crossbars to bring all your favorite equipment — bikes, kayaks, skis, and more.

And with a Condor XL, you can add an Annex and Awning to protect you and your kids from the elements. These also make for wonderful outdoor living rooms for activities or cooking.

A RTT also saves you more storage space in your car for other items like hiking boots, snacks, and car seats. With the right tent, you can have it all and do it all.

Stay Safer Off The Ground

Camping with kids can be unpredictable. Between wildlife and weather conditions, it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

We know for sure that having a Roofnest saved one couple and their furry friends from a downpour of rain and a spider infestation.

Our tent models situate you high up, keeping you and your family off the ground and away from critters big and small.

And for less-than-ideal weather (like the storm that couple experienced), you’ll stay warm and dry no matter what the forecast brings. And that means less cranky kids with soggy clothes for all you parents out there.

Plus, you’ll always have access to better views! From the top of your car you’ll get a birds’ eye view of your beautiful campground. It makes for a great opportunity to teach your kids about the wildlife around them too.

Spend More Time in Nature

The school year will no-doubt look different for your family this year. While some students are headed back to in-person learning, there’s still plenty of opportunity for taking their learning on the road.

Getting out in nature can allow your kids to get more hands-on learning experiences that go beyond the books. as well as providing them plenty of space

Your family’s comfort comes first, and a roof top tent will keep them happy and well-rested no matter where you set up camp.

As far as roof top tent reviews go, the Condor XL made quite the impression on a family of 4 recently: “We have loved this tent and so have our boys. The convenience of setup/takedown compared to a ground tent is night and day,” said reviewer Sam B.

Get Your Family on the Road

Don’t wait for the snow to melt. Get your family outdoors and discover something new this spring.

Camping with kids doesn’t have to be impossible. With the right gear, you’ll have a family adventure that will last forever, without all the hassle.

Check out which Roofnest is right for your family >

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