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VIDEO: Unboxing a Roofnest Falcon with Trail Recon

Everyone loves unboxing videos. Whether it’s a new album, mountain bike, or pair of hiking boots, you share in the […]

VIDEO: How to Choose a Roof Top Tent with Outside Magazine

One of the big debates in the camping world centers on which is better: a hard shell or soft shell […]

Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Overlanders

The holidays are right around the corner, and we all have that special someone who is especially hard to shop […]

How to Find Places to Car Camp in Your Roof Top Tent

Camping with a Roofnest on your car is like regular camping…but way better. You don’t have to set up a […]

How to Attach a Solar Panel to Your Roof Top Tent

As our Roofnest community continues to grow, we’ve been impressed by new creative modifications to our products. One of the […]

5 Surprising Uses for Your Roof Top Tent

A hard shell roof top tent is a no-brainer for anyone with a serious love for the outdoors. It’s the […]

Safety guide to roofnesting with kids, kids inside roofnest rooftop tent
Your Safety Guide to Roofnesting with Kids

When it comes to planning a family camp trip, there’s nothing like skipping the slog of gathering all your camping […]

Roofnest Blog, top 10 holiday gifts for a roofnest owner
Why Roofnest Is The Best Rooftop Tent

We now live in a time when outdoor living is more accessible and easier to prepare for than ever. That […]

roofnest blog hardshell rooftop tents Vs. Softshell Rooftop Tents
Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell Roof Top Tents: Pros and Cons

Hard shell roof top tents are a whole new way to go car camping. Although they’ve been around for a […]

Roofnest on jeep renegade
Top 10 Holiday Gifts For A Roofnest Owner

  As the holidays approach, what do you get someone who has the ultimate set up? Well, the first best […]

Roofnest winter storage jeep rubicon
4 Ways to Safely Store Your Roof Top Tent For Winter

As the leaves fall and the temperature drops, many of us put away our camp gear for the season and […]

Roofnest Blog hitting the beach in southern california with a roofnest sparrow
Hitting the Beach in Southern California in a Roofnest Sparrow

Article by Roofnest Flock member, Penny Sprague   I’ve always loved camping. I spent my childhood camping in homemade tents […]

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