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The holidays are right around the corner, and we all have that special someone who is especially hard to shop for.

Here at Roofnest, we want to make your life easier in more ways than one. Whether that means making your camping setup quicker, or showing you what gifts to buy the person who “already has everything they need.” That is why we put together a list of the top 5 holiday gifts for an overlander.

1)Blue Ridge Overland Flatpacker Fire Pit

Blue Ridge Overland did it again! This flat packer fire pit is a game-changer for any overlander and camper. Setup is a breeze and with the flat-pack design, it takes up almost no room in your car, and helps you “leave no trace”. Made from laser-cut steel panels and a cooking grate, now you can easily have a fire wherever you make it that night and cook on it too!


2) Kinsmen Hardware Shower Stall

We all love to get out for a few days and enjoy nature. But sometimes, after a few days, you stink… We’ve all been there and sharing a tent with a stinky someone is not great. That is why we think you’ll thank us when you get the Kinsmen Hardware Shower Stall. With its rapid deploy system, this shower sets up in minutes and gives you a spacious and private place to shower at your campsite. So do us all a favor and a shower stall.


3) Trail Tech Voyager Pro

Lets be honest, we all know the person who “knows this trail like that back of my hand” but when it comes to going tens of miles into the backcountry, we’d rather be safe than sorry. With the Trail Tech Voyager Pro you don’t have to worry. Whether you have cell service or not, you will know where you are at all times, and know how to get back home when you come up to the fork in the road that they “swear was the right turn”.


4) Roofnest Falcon

Ok, we know.. We had to do a little self-promotion. But, with the popularity of one of our newest models, the Falcon this really is the ultimate gift for the overlander in your life. With the slim aluminum shell, the falcon only adds 7” to your car which means less reduction on MPG when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and need every drop you can get. Not only is it slim, but you can add crossbars to the top to carry all of your favorite toys with you. Whether you want to go mountain biking, kayaking, or backcountry skiing, we’ve got you covered. With the foam mattress and ease of set up you’ll be thanking us when you get to camp a little later than planned and are ready to hop in bed in seconds.


5) Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Nothing is worse than getting to your campsite and cracking open a cold one with your crew to realize you don’t have a speaker… With the UE roll 2 you’ll never have to worry about that because it can brave all the elements. With a waterproof design and wireless capabilities you can strap this to your roofrack, awning, or set it on your camp table and jam all night. Drop it in the river, no problem it’s still going to work. Make sure to grab one of these to never miss a beat again. 


Well, that’s it flock. If you have that person who has everything, hopefully they don’t have all of these items. Take your camping game to the next level and get out there to enjoy mother nature. Just remember, whatever you pack in pack out and try to leave no trace whenever possible. Lets keep our favorite places beautiful for decades to come. Lastly, share your adventures with us on instagram by tagging @roofnest and #roofnest.


Cheers and happy holidays!

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