Glamping vs. Car Camping: Why You Should Experience a Roof Top Tent

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Being quarantined inside was probably not what you had planned for 2020. We’re right there with you.

With COVID regulations lifting and more and more Americans getting vaccinated, this spring looks a heck of a lot different than last year. And if you’re like us, we’re itching to get outside and have some fun.

Most people are acquainted with the concept of “glamping.” From yurts at music festivals to tricked-out, fully furnished tents, there are many luxurious glamping options out in the world.

While these can be lovely stays, what they don’t include is the mobility and ease of camping in a roof top tent.

You have to stay put, which means if you don’t like your glamping situation, you’re out of luck Plus, renting a glamping or RV set up can really add up. And vans or mobile campers aren’t cheap (or easy to store or maintain) either.

For a luxury glamping stay, you might be looking at dropping anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars per night.

With a Roofnest, we can do one better. You can feel one with nature, and still be comfortable and off the cold, bumpy, or wet ground. You’ll get incredible views and a downright luxurious sleeping setup — plus the freedom of mobility.

There’s no need to book an exotic yurt or expensive festival setup this summer (assuming festivals come back this year!). You can get an even more unique camping experience just by taking your hard shell roof top tent on the open road and parking it wherever you fancy.

Here’s our deep dive into glamping vs camping, and why you’ll want to start a bucket list of amazing adventures with a roof top tent this summer.

A Roof Top Tent is Mobile

Unlike glamping where you have to stay put, car camping with a Roofnest is mobile and crazy convenient.

You can pack up camp in minutes and sleep somewhere new every night — it’s basically like mobile glamping.


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Setting up and breaking down is so quick, you can also change your mind if you don’t love your spot on the campsite. And if you’re checking out uncharted territory, you can make basecamp anywhere, at any time.

Explore natural hot springs, practice your overlanding chops, or park your Nest on the base of a volcano — these are just a few ways to make your camping experience unique.

No Set-Up or Reservations

Sure, glamping can be fun. But making the reservation? Not so much.

Sometimes, you have to wait months for accommodations to open up. And it’s not the best idea if you’re looking for a spontaneous or budget-friendly getaway.

The best roof top tents don’t need more than a parking spot to get set up. You can set up camp for wherever you are, or wherever your mood strikes you — and all in less than a minute.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, you might want to try setting up at San Luis Reservoir or Napa Valley State Park.

The Best View You’ll Ever See


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When you find yourself in a stunning landscape (like those volcanoes we discussed earlier), why not set up camp right there?

Luxury tents might look pretty on the inside. But you can’t beat the view from a Roofnest window, with the natural backdrop of your choice.

You’ll get a birds’ eye view from the top of your car. And of course, you’ll be at an excellent vantage point for stargazing.

Sleep Like a Baby

Image by Roonest Flock member Patrick Jensen

There’s little else that’s more annoying than not being able to sleep on a camping trip.

Our roof top tents come equipped with incredibly comfy high-density foam mattresses, which will knock you out in no time.

Not to mention the airflow keeps you comfortable and prevents the tent from getting stuffy. Being off the ground means letting the breeze flow through your tent. No more sweat sleeping bag nights for you, my friend.

Speaking of bedding, many of our tent models are so roomy, you can keep your sleeping bag and pillows inside the tent even when it’s closed, like The Sparrow and The Condor XL.

That’ll definitely save you time when setting up and breaking down camp. You can also leave your car storage for camp chairs, cooking gear, and furry friends who want to join the party.

With a glamping situation — especially at a music festival or other popular site — you can never be too sure what conditions you’re getting yourself into. For windy sites or locations with rowdy neighbors, you might enjoy the wind-dampening feature of our Roofnest models so that you can be sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Image by Roonest Flock member William Poett

Fun Add-Ons


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Something we especially love about camping in our Roofnests is all the fun add-ons.

If you have the Condor model, you can add an Annex and Awning to protect yourself from the elements and make an outdoor living room for hanging out. The space below the awning is an excellent spot for cooking or breaking out a card game.

With the Falcon, you can add crossbars to bring all your favorite gear — bike, kayak, skis, and anything you’ll need on your epic adventure.

Image by Roofnest Flock member Erin Kat

Image by Roonest Flock member William Poett

Looking to power up? We’ve got you covered there, too.

You can add solar panels to directly provide power to your laptop, phone, lights, iPads, and other low-energy devices.

To make your experience even more homey, deck out your tent with some extra insulation for the winter or decorate with a set of cool lights for added ambiance.

Camping Convenience Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Image by Roonest Flock member Beth Gorman

You don’t have to search for exotic stays on Airbnb to get a stylish, comfortable camping experience.

Roofnests are durable, waterproof, and protect you from the sounds of wind and animals outside — not to mention how cozy and convenient they are.

It’s almost spring, and if you’re looking for some spur-of-the-moment adventure, maybe it’s time you elevate your camping game.

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