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Falcon & Falcon XL

The ruggedized aluminum Falcon roof top tent is Roofnest’s thinnest and most versatile model. It attaches to any vehicle and pops up to create a comfy bedroom-on-wheels, so you can get out there and explore without worrying about where you’re going to sleep for the night.

The Falcon (85″ x 50″) and Falcon XL (85″ x 60″) are less than 7″ tall when closed, and both attach easily to any roof rack. These tents are waterproof, quiet, warm, and super easy to set up and take down.

In this walk-through video, Roofnest teammate Logan takes you on a tour through the Falcon. From its next-level accessory channel to its three huge windows offering panoramic views, you’ll have a hard time getting the Falcon out of your head after watching this video.

Sparrow & Sparrow XL

The redesigned 2020 Roofnest Sparrow is a big advance in our line of roof top tents. We incorporated everything we’ve learned about designing and building roof top tents into this one.

The Sparrow is available in a 50″ wide version (The Sparrow), a 59″ wide version (The Sparrow XL), and an easy-to-use clamshell version called the Sparrow EYE (50″ wide).

All three Sparrow tents can comfortably sleep two adults, while the Sparrow XL has enough room for a child (or 4-legged friend) as well.

Roofnest founder Tim Nickles takes you on a guided tour through our newest, most innovative tent models: The Sparrows.

Condor & Condor XL

The Condor and Condor XL are our first fold-out style hard shell roof top tent. The Condor folds out to create a huge sleeping platform that’s comfortable, warm, and weatherproof. 

The Condor sleeps 2+ adults (60″x48″ closed, 60″x83″ open), while the Condor XL can sleep 3-4 adults (74″x55″ closed, 74″x92″ open). These tents are quickly becoming our most popular — but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. 

Follow Roofnest teammate Logan on a guided tour of the Roofnest Condor.

Tent Care Guides

man attaching roofnest ladder to rooftop tent sparrow

How to Install Your Roofnest

From what to do when your hard shell roof top tent first arrives at your home to safely and securely installing your RTT on your vehicle, read our installation guide before attempting to install your Roofnest.

How to Choose Your Crossbars

The stock crossbars that come with your vehicle aren’t always ideal for a Roofnest hard shell roof top tent.

You need to make sure you’ve got the right crossbars to bear the weight of your RTT — both with campers inside (static load) and when closed and speeding down the highway (dynamic load).

Find your vehicle roof type and what kind of crossbars and towers you’ll need to mount your Roofnest.

Sms rooftop tent roof rack crossbars kit, black roof rack bars on jeep jku
Jeep JK/JKU 2007 – 2018

Roof Rack Guide

All your Roofnest requires to mount safely to your vehicle is the right pair of crossbars. But if you want to mount your RTT and a handful of extra gear to your roof, a platform rack may be a good option for you.

Read our guide to figure out the best roof rack option for your rig.

A Roofnest hard shell roof top tent in Oregon.

Condensation Guide

Condensation can collect on the walls of your RTT for a few reasons: your breath while you sleep, wet gear or other clothes inside your tent, or natural humidity in the air.

Read our guide for minimizing condensation inside your Roofnest.

How to Store Your Roofnest

We always recommend that you store your Roofnest at least 2” off the ground to prevent moisture from getting into your tent and causing rot or other potential damage.

It’s important to find a safe and convenient place to store your roof top tent during the off-season so you can keep enjoying your tent for many years to come  — without it taking over your whole garage.


Learn how our shipping process works, how to schedule and receive your Roofnest delivery, and important steps to follow before you sign for your Roofnest.


Can I use a Roofnest tent with any car?

You bet! A Roofnest is compatible with any car. Roofnest roof top tents attach to your car’s crossbars like a ski rack or storage box.

I’m not a hardcore camper. Would a Roofnest be good for me?

If you’re into being super comfortable and adding significant convenience to your camping experience, then a roof top tent is a smart option. Think of it like taking everything that’s great about your bedroom, sticking it on top of your car, and then getting to snooze the night away —  safely and comfortably under the stars.

How many people can sleep in a Roofnest tent?

Depending on the model, you can comfortably sleep anywhere from 2-4 people, and/or some furry friends.

How long does it take to pop up and break down a Roofnest?

Set up or takedown of our roof top tents can be done in under a minute. Go ahead and time us, we’re the fastest roof top tent in the land.

Where can you use a Roofnest?

You can sleep anywhere that allows overnight parking. This includes National Parks, National Forests, BLM lands, Walmart parking lots, and in your in-laws’ driveway.

How do I get in and out of a Roofnest?

Every Roofnest comes with a telescoping ladder. They’re durable, lightweight, collapsible, and safe. Yes, you can get your big pets up there, too!

What about strong winds, rain, sleet, snow and the cold nights of winter?

Roofnests are nearly as weatherproof as your car, and certainly warmer. 

Our customers have reported sleeping comfortably through major wind storms, snow storms, dust storms, and even deep freezing temps. We even have added insulation for some models.

Got more questions? Our team of outdoor experts will help you find the right tent for your vehicle and lifestyle.

Got more questions? Check out more Roofnest FAQs.

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