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From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, our Roofnest Flock has put our hard shell roof top tents to the test across all different kinds of terrain. 

And with our customers being the creative geniuses that they are, we’ve picked up a few tricks from them on how to optimize our roof top tent camping exeprience. 

From portable showers to better lighting to extra ventilation, below are our 6 favorite Roofnest upgrades that you’ll want to grab before your next camp trip.

1) Next-Level Lighting

The best part about camping is getting out of the city and sleeping under the stars. That said, sometimes the stars just aren’t bright enough to navigate your roof top tent ladder and find the bathroom (or bush).

For less than $20, you can harness the light of the stars to help guide your way.

These USB-powered Sitelight minis are a perfect lighting solution for your next camp trip. You can mount them to the inner roof of your Roofnest, or string them through the mesh roof pocket for extra illumination.  You can store them inside your roof top tent once it’s closed, so you don’t have to worry about bringing them along and setting them up everytime you hit the open road for a long camp weekend.

2) Extra Cooling

All Roofnest tents are designed to have as much ventilation as possible, with all our models equpped with two windows and two entry points to provide cross-ventilation on warm summer nights.

But what about those hot days where you just can’t escape the heat? After a few sweaty, sleepless nights, our Flock members found the perfect solution to keep you cool all night long.

An overhead or window fan can help cool down your tent, making for comfortable sleeping on even the hottest summer nights.  For less than $15, you can get a rechargeable, portable fan with a built-in lantern to hang in the interior of your Roofnest, bringing in that breeze you’ve been looking for.

3) Get Clean

We all know that spending a lot of time in the outdoors can get pretty dirty — whether it’s you, your pets, or even those camp dishes that you need a way to keep clean. 

The WaterPort provides the perfect solution. With a 4 gallon capacity, this product keeps all your water needs in check. 

The WaterPort is a self-pressurizing tank with a hose and sprayer perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. With the use of your household watering hose, you can easily pressurize the tank in under a minute.  Next thing you know you will have 4 gallons of water at your disposal for the rest of your trip.

You can mount the WaterPort in most places on your vehicle for easy access, like your trailer hitch. 

With over 9 spray settings, you can shower, wash dishes, and drink water on the go no matter where you set up camp. That means you can say goodbye to dragging along armfuls of one gallon jugs on your next trip. 

The convenience is unbeatable — and did we mention it’s insulated? That means hot or cold water all day long.

4) Better Bedding

Waking up in the morning and having to cram a sleeping bag in a sack that looks like it was made for something half the size is a thing of the past.

Enter the lightweight and compact down blanket that fits perfectly in your Roofnest — made by Roofnest. Packed with 600 grams of 750 fill down insulation and measuring at 84 inches by 72 inches, this is the perfect blanket for cuddling up on cool evenings and chilly mornings.

And no need to pack it away when you get back on the road: just leave your blanket in your Roofnest, close it up, and it will be ready to go when you set up at your next spot.

5) Awesome Awning

Whether you crawl out of your tent and are shocked by a sudden rainstorm or intense sunshine, sometimes mother nature has her own plans for your trip.

With our compact Little Wing dome awning, you can make sure to stay covered from the elements, no matter what mother nature decides to throw your way.

With the integrated dome shape and compact size, this is the perfect awning for every type of car, large and small.

6) Powerful Solar Panels

Half the fun of being on the road is disconnecting and disconnecting and enjoying your surroundings.

But sometimes you need to have a charged phone in case of emergencies (or a charged Shower Pod for warm water).

With the Biolite Solar Panel, you can make sure to stay charged no matter how off the grid you are. The integrated 2200 Onboard MaH battery lets you soak up the sun during the day and store energy for when you need it most.

Attaching a permanent solar panel to your roof top tent does take some skill and consideration. You don’t want to go drilling holes into your tent willy-nilly!

Luckily our friends at Over Kill Adventures put together a guide for how you can safely attach a solar panel to your roof top tent >

Camping doesn’t have to consist of sleepless nights on the cold ground, or waking up in the morning covered in sweat. With these six Roofnest upgrades, you can be the glamper you’ve always wanted to be.

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