The Condor 4-Person Roof Top Tent Takes Camping to the Next Level

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When it comes to hard shell roof top tents, there’s the Roofnest, then there’s everything else.

Not all roof top tents are created equal — you may find one online that looks kinda like a Roofnest, but there’s a reason our tents keep racking up those rave reviews.

The Roofnest advantage means a more durable, longer-lasting, easier-to-use, and more comfortable roof top tent that will bring you years of outdoor adventure.

Plus, it’s made by a company based in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, aka, the World Capital of Camping. So we know what we’re doing.

We’re especially excited about one of our newest roof top tent additions to the Roofnest family, one that will give you even more space and comfort for sleeping closer to the stars.

Introducing the Condor & the Condor XL Roof Top Tents

Meet the Condor, our first ever fold-out roof top tent. It maintains the small footprint and aerodynamic hard shell body of our other roof top tents, while expanding out to allow for more space inside.

The Condor sleeps two adults plus one or two little kiddos and even a dog.

The Condor XL is a 4-person roof top tent, plus a little wiggle room for a toddler, dog, or even a cat if that’s your style.

Besides the difference in sleeping capacity, both tents offer many of the same amenities, including:

  • Thick, built-in mattress
  • Skylight for stargazing at night and extra sunshine in the morning
  • A built-in, telescoping ladder for easy in-and-out access
  • Integrated camping string lights (LED) on the inside and outside of the tent for safety, fun, and let’s be honest, charm factor
  • Two multi-purpose pockets for dirty boots, snacks, whatever (although maybe don’t put those in the same pocket)
  • Three awnings — one over the door and one over each window — for additional protection from the elements
  • Rugged, aerodynamic, and lightweight shell that will withstand a beating and save you money on gas
  • A totally waterproof design
  • Quick set-up time — pop it and rock in under 60 seconds
  • Universal mounting system for use on any vehicle with crossbars
  • Heavy-duty walls that make for a warmer, quieter, camping
  • Impervious construction using aluminum and ruggedized ASA and ABS plastics

All that and more is why the Condor is quickly becoming one of our most popular roof top tents. But don’t take our word for it. You could, but you don’t have to. Read on to see what the Flock has to say.

What People Are Saying About the Condor

We love our Roofnest camping family, and we strive to deliver the best roof top tent camping experience possible to each and every one of our customers.

That’s why we’re absolutely pumped at the response to our Condor — it’s been one 5-star review after another.

Alexander from Michigan discovered Roofnest while visiting Colorado, and decided to order one for himself:

David was so stoked that he couldn’t even wait to get home from the mountains before writing us:

But maybe our favorite review comes from hardcore camper Nick, who raved about the durability of his Condor:

Our customers have rocked their Condors from California to Rhode Island. In 70mph wind storms and freezing cold blizzards. In sun-baked deserts and along serene Canadian lakes.

A Roofnest can go wherever your next adventure takes you. And if you want even more out of your Roofnest, you can get it with our line of accessories.

Discover Condor Accessories

The Condors are offered with some cool camping gear accessories to help you elevate your roof top tent camping experience even more.

The Condor Awning is designed to integrate seamlessly with either Condor model, delivering protection from sun and rain to your entire campsite.

It comes in two sizes, depending on which Condor model you have. The standard Condor Awning covers an area of about 6’ x 8.5’, while the Condor XL Awning steps it up to 8.5’ x 9.3.’

If you want even more protection, you can upgrade your awning to an annex. The Condor Annex turns your campsite into an outdoor living room, with floor-to-ceiling walls offering full protection from the elements. It has three zippable entrances with bug mesh layers, as well as two windows to allow additional natural light in.

The Condor Awning and the Condor Annex both give you the ability to:

  • Safely protect your gear from the elements
  • Comfortable sleep more people without setting up another tent on the ground
  • Have a protected space to hang out in while camping

Plus, either accessory can both be set up in under ten minutes.

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Ready to revolutionize your camping experience? There’s no time like the present.

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