April’s Rig of The Month: Edward Shin, Overlanding Expert

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Welcome back to the Rig of the Month!

This month, we’re showcasing Edward Shin and his impressive rig setup. Shin recently set out for an overlanding adventure with his friend, documenting his newest rig additions and sharing his secrets with us along the way.

Edward recently got a new ICECO camping fridge and man, did he set up some incredible accessibility features. His custom slider mechanism allows him to easily pull out items from his fridge with unbelievable ease.

Like any pro, Edward knows that what can go wrong, will go wrong. That’s why he’s installed a recovery toe hook with a spring latch on his rig. We’re definitely taking notes.

Once it got dark out, Edward got the fire going and grabbed some steaks and brews from his fridge which he powered with his efficient Jackery 500 generator.

Most important to Edward in his adventures is accessing the community that comes along with overlanding. He checked out Rigs and Coffee, a bi-monthly event sponsored by Wanderlust Overland.

There he met up with other Rig Heads and swapped tips and tricks over coffee.

We are humbled by Edward’s dedication to building the best rig. Not to mention his awesome YouTube channel packed with useful rig hacks.

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