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Vintage Custom Land Rover
Rig of the Month: Land Rover Series III

The September Rig of the Month belongs to Jeff Taylor from Connecticut. Jeff and his family do most of their […]

Rig of the Month: Nick Jaynes’ Condor Modifications

This month, we were inspired by Roofnest teammate Nick Jaynes’ rig. Nick is in charge of Roofnest’s public and media […]

June’s Rig of The Month: Andrew Wimmer’s Falcon XL-Topped Toyota Tacoma

Andrew Wimmer recently took a moment to post in the Roofnest Flock Facebook group about his Falcon XL. It caught […]

May’s Rig of The Month: Impressive Rookie Rig

This month, we were very impressed by Vernon and Carla Habersetzer’s first-ever custom roof top tent rig. Vernon showed us […]

April’s Rig of The Month: Edward Shin, Overlanding Expert

Welcome back to the Rig of the Month! This month, we’re showcasing Edward Shin and his impressive rig setup. Shin […]

Check Out Our Roofnest Rig of the Month: March 2021

Welcome to the Rig of the Month! We’ll be bringing you our favorite rigs from customers and overlanding all-stars and […]

Why You Need to Rent a Roof Top Tent Right Now

Our roof top tents are the best way to get closer to the outdoors. There are so many reasons to […]

How to Live the Van Life (Without Actually Living in a Van)

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time scrolling through #vanlife posts on Instagram, day-dreaming of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Overlanding Events in 2020

One of our favorite excuses for packing up and hitting the road in our rigs is heading off to one […]

Overland Expo East: Outdoor Adventure in the Appalachians

Image courtesy of When you think of outdoor adventure, your first thought probably isn’t the East Coast — especially […]

Van lifers and overlander at descend on bend, Van with rooftop camper at festival with big tent and stage
Van Lifers & Overlanders Unite at Descend on Bend

Image courtesy of Oregon is a state with such dynamic natural beauty, it needs to be seen to be […]

The FJ Summit, Ouray Colorado Jeep Renegade with Roofnest
The FJ Summit: Overlanders Takeover Ouray, CO

Image courtesy of Davon Cook Ouray, Colorado isn’t the most well-known household name for outdoor adventures. But those who are […]

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