What’s the Best Durable, Low-Profile Hard Shell Roof Top Tent?

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While camping is obviously one of our favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors, there’s one teeny tiny thing that absolutely no one likes about camping: setting up a tent.

Whether you’re an overland enthusiast or a casual weekend camper, pitching a traditional tent at the end of a long day outside is the last thing you wanna do.

That’s exactly why we’re so passionate about making super durable and extremely easy-to-use roof top tents that pop up in under a minute. You read that right.

In a recent blog, we took a deep dive into our new Condor and Condor XL roof top tents, our newest RTTs that have been getting a whole lot of love lately.

Below we look at another of our most popular models: The Falcon.

A Closer Look at Our Falcon & Falcon XL Roof Top Tents

The Falcon and Falcon XL are our lowest-profile roof top tents, coming in at under 7” tall when closed. That profile combined with their aluminum hard shell design makes the Falcon a particularly aerodynamic design (hence the name).

So no matter where your next adventure takes you, you know you’ll save some money at the pump along the way.

The focus of the Falcon design is rugged durability. These tents are just screaming to go overlanding. When you spend your days off-roading through desert landscapes and blazing over bumpy mountain trails, you want to know your roof top tent can handle the ride.

Or if you’re more of a laid-back, tie-up-a-hammock-and-breathe-in-the-fresh-pines kinda camper, the Falcon’s ready-to-tumble design ensures that you can rely on it for many outings to come.

What makes the Falcon so tough? The secret is in the aluminum and stainless steel components, which keep the weight low and the performance high.

The standard Falcon roof top tent measures 85” long by 50” wide (weighing in at just 140 lbs.) and comfortably sleeps two adults. The Falcon XL is 85” long by 60” wide (and weighs 160 lbs.), making extra room for the dog, the kids, or even another adult (if you don’t mind getting cozy).

Both models keep the same low profile when closed, making them a great choice for efficient gas performance. Every penny you save on fuel is another you can spend on beers for the campsite, right?

Features of both the Falcon and the Falcon XL include:

  • 3” thick foam mattress with waterproof, washable cover
  • Gear net for storing clothing, shoes, lighting, etc.
  • Internal side pocket for phones, gear, batteries, snacks, etc.
  • 3 doors with mesh windows — one on each side for easy in/out access
  • 8.5’ aluminum telescoping ladder with 2 sets of brackets for securing to tent entrances
  • Anti-condensation mat to maintain comfort inside the tent
  • Quick set-up time — pop it and rock in under 60 seconds
  • Universal mounting system for use on any vehicle with crossbars
  • Insulated roof
  • Waterproof canvas walls
  • Awning with rain fly
  • Machined grooves for optional accessory attachments — lighting, a shovel, an extra awning, ladder hooks, etc. (pick up some extra brackets to connect even more)
  • Easily replaceable parts and fabric
  • Bungee strap for tucking tent material for easy storage
  • A flat roof for solar panels or storage — add the Falcon crossbars to store your skis, bikes, and more

It’s no wonder that the Falcon is such a hit with our Flock.

What People Are Saying About the Falcon

Hardcore overlanding fanatics and casual campers alike have fallen in love with the Falcon for its easy-to-use, durable design, and its interior comfort.

New Falcon owner Wallace B. was super happy with both the quality of his tent’s build and the comfort of the mattress:

And while we know that most of you are hankering to get up with the sun to hit the trail, sometimes a wild night around the campfire calls for a bit more shuteye — more than one customer has raved about how easy it is to sleep in with a Falcon.

We’re so proud when we hear from our satisfied customers about how easy the Falcon is to use, and how insanely comfortable it is. But perhaps our biggest point of pride is the 5-star reviews our team gets for customer service.

Chuck’s right. We stand behind all of our roof top tents, and we’re always here to answer all of your questions — whether you’re still thinking about which Roofnest is right for you or you’ve owned one for years and are looking for the scoop on some hot camping spots.

On top of all that’s great about the Falcon as is, you can step up your roof top tent camping game even more with specially-designed accessories.

Discover Falcon Accessories

One complaint about most roof top tents on the market is that you have to sacrifice car-top storage to make room for the tent.

The Falcon fixes that problem. Its flat top, hard shell design was created specifically to increase your roof top storage options.

Our Falcon crossbars attach to the accessory channels on the side of the Falcon, and allow you to carry an extra 100 pounds of gear right on top of your roof top tent.

With the Falcon crossbars, you can bring all your favorite toys on the road, including:

The standard crossbars are 50” wide, but we also offer a 60” design that is compatible with the Falcon XL. More space equals more storage. More storage equals more stuff. More stuff equals more fun.


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The Falcon’s A-frame design also makes it a good candidate for a solar panel upgrade — there’s no need for drilling or threading wires through the tent body.

Read our guide on how to attach a solar panel to your roof top tent here »

Shop the Falcon Now


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It’s always a good time to get away from it all. Ready for your next escape?

Shop the Roofnest Falcon and Falcon XL now »

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